Insurance solutions by Rutledge and associates


​This policy was introduced in 1986 and is commonly referred to as CGL. Commercial General Liability coverage is the basic sort of commercial insurance and extends only to liability claims of bodily injury or property damage. CGL is the foundational point to any business' insurance plan, CGL works best as a part of a more complex insurance policy and not solely as a standalone insurance policy.

Coverage under a CGL policy is solely provided for accidents which occur on your premises or at your customer’s location.  A general liability policy will only cover people and property you and/or your employees come interact with every day. This policy will be tailored to your specific business requirements and can include operations liability, product liability, premises liability, completed operations liability, medical payments, personal injury liability, contractual liability by endorsement, and fire damage liability clauses.


These policies do NOT cover errors and omissions type claims as related to the delivery of your professional services. However, we do offer professional liability/errors and omissions policies are available for specific professions including medical, legal, engineers, veterinarians, accountants, barbers and beauticians, computer programmers and software designers at an additional charge.